Security In GB Whatsapp - What Are The Features Of GB Whatsapp?

Have you ever thought of hiding status, text messages, and other hacks from your WhatsApp? If yes, you may consider the GB Whatsapp, which is based on the original WhatsApp, and here, will attempt to offer you all solutions related to the new Android app. 

gb whatsapp

GB Whatsapp - What Is The Fuss All About

GB Whatsapp is a moded free app based on old official WhatsApp and here, we try to provide all solutions to the user about this latest messaging app. In fact, we also consider that this application may just be the perfect alternative to the older version of this messaging app. It is based on the latest version of this messaging app and is similar to the old version. Here, we are offering the complete solution to the users about this latest messaging app.

Security In GB Whatsapp

We know that people use different kinds of phones for sending messages on the internet. So, it is necessary to choose the best one. This is exactly what we are offering to the users. The latest version of GB Whatsapp is more than that, it offers high-security options for users and this is available in two modes, which are limited and full. The user can choose either of the two options to get maximum security for their messages.

  1. The first mode is called a private group and it is suitable for groups of more than 15 people. Here, only a few selected people are able to see last seen messages, which are sent to this group only. As a result, here, the person having the private group can send a message to his or her friends and this message will be visible only to the people in this group. In this way, you will have control over showing messages to the group only.
  2. The second option is called GB Whatsapp enable dnd mode. This trick enables you to change your screen to a black screen while you are not logged into any IM service. The trick is not visible to others using GB Whatsapp. The advantage of this trick is that you will not be detected by others even if they try to send a message to you. But, you have to perform another trick before this one and that is, you should have to allow other people to use your phone number.

The Features In GB Whatsapp 

  1. One of the best features provided by this app is the ability to share videos and photos with your friends. It also allows you to reply to any message posted by your friends.
  2. Another important feature offered by GB Whatsapp is to manage multiple contacts, calendars, groups of friends all at once. You can add as many as you want to a group and can organize them too. You can create subgroups within a group and you can manage those as well. Now, you can add as many subgroups as you want and can organize them as well. You can create as many subgroups as your need.


You can also hide the last seen messages in this app by using a GB Whatsapp. However, if you are a Mac user, you will not be able to do this trick because of Mac operating system restrictions. GB Whatsapp is not compatible with Mac operating systems, but this is a free application that will help you to share your stories without having to hide the true length of time that you have been chatting with someone.