GB Whatsapp - Why Is It Better Than WhatsApp Messaging?

GB Whatsapp is a new mod for WhatsApp. This mod is inspired by WhatsApp Plus, which is a very popular open-source program for messaging on the mobile phone platform. However, the two programs are not directly comparable.


GB Whatsapp - Difference Between GB Whatsapp And Other Apps

The main difference between GB Whatsapp and other apps is that GB Whatsapp has the ability to hide senders from specific people and groups. This can be done by adding the "hide my app sender id" key to the chat log. This allows users to control who they want to receive text messages from, and it also allows them to control who gets to see their multimedia messages, like videos and photos.

It also has many other unique features. 

  1. One of the many features is the "auto-reply", which lets you respond to someone's message with a custom message of your own. This can be useful when someone sends you a private message but you don't want to reply to them right away. By typing "I contact" after their name, you can send them a custom message. These types of auto-responding messages are often referred to as "poke-messages." This unique feature of GB Whatsapp makes it stand out among its competitors.
  2. The "auto-reply" and "custom-messages" features are both features that were first introduced in the newest version of the app. The auto-responder sends an automatic response to anyone that sends you a message within a specific time frame. This gives you a chance to custom-reply back to any communication that you have with someone.
  3. The "auto-Reply" feature allows you to make a broadcast to multiple contacts. This broadcast can be to multiple people or just one contact. You can choose to broadcast to everyone or just a specific group of contacts. This feature is used so that your followers and potential customers will receive your message in their inbox automatically each time you send out a message. You may send a message about new product updates or a promotional discount for one of your products.
  4. There are some other minor additional features in the latest version of GB Whatsapp. In addition to the aforementioned "auto-responder" and "hide online status messages," the latest version of the app includes the following helpful features: Customizable backgrounds, customizable landing page templates, quick access to Google Maps, photo and video galleries, customizable widgets, and access to Google Calendar. All of these features work seamlessly together to help make your social media marketing efforts more successful.


The bottom line is that if you want your business to get the recognition that it deserves, you must have an app that helps to promote it. That's why the makers of GB Whatsapp took steps to ensure that their client's privacy was protected. With all of the privacy options available with GB Whatsapp, you can be assured that your social media profiles are safe.