About Auto Clicker - Hotkey System Tricks For Your Pet

An auto clicker is a kind of macro or software that can essentially be used to automatically click a specific mouse on a particular computer graphic element. Clickers are automatically triggered from some current settings, or manually triggered from recorded input. Clickers are commonly used for animal training because it is very easy to teach an animal to do what you want them to without really thinking about it. Read the article about auto clicker below.

Auto Clicker

Use Auto Clicker For Online Gaming

Using auto clicker devices in online games is also quite popular nowadays. Clickers are simple programs that produce audible and visual signals when the user presses the mouse button corresponding to the sound or sight of an icon. The more visual and audible signals an auto clicker or clicker produces, the more it appeals to a potential customer. This has been especially helpful to online games wherein virtual consumers are made to wait while their turn to use a particular item or service is called for. With an auto clicker device, waiting for a player to use a keypad will not only add to the tension level of an online game but also to the frustration level of the consumer.

If you are thinking about using auto clicker devices to train animals in online games, you need to know a few things first. First of all, you should pick the best auto clicker device for your needs. For instance, if you intend to use it to train four-legged animals in online games, the best kind of clicker device to use would have a sensor that is sensitive enough to sense the slightest air drag. This way, the device will know that the animal is about to land and start moving.

Aside from sensitivity, you also have to consider the frequency of the clicking sounds. Auto clickers are designed to automatically click when the trigger is released. For this reason, you should choose a device that emits constant clicking sounds. This way, your pet can easily learn to associate clicking with his name and other sounds that come with the release of each click.

You also have to consider the type of clicking sound that your clicker makes. The sound of the click can either be steady or intermittent. The steady sound is used as the indication that the action has to be continued and repeated. Meanwhile, the intermittent clicking sound comes at a set interval and does not indicate that you can go on with your training exercises. This is ideal for training animals that are still learning to associate actions with the sounds of the clicker.

Auto Clicker and Your Pets

Another important factor to consider is the ability of the device to track mouse clicks without the use of a computer. This feature is called the system tray. A system tray allows you to track the progress of your training by simply clicking on the system tray icon every so often. By doing this, you will be able to monitor your pet's progress.

The system tray can only detect mouse clicks on the main window. It does not have any means of determining the position of the clicker in your pet's environment. So you need to make sure that your clicker device has a system tray that is capable of locating the clicker wherever it is placed. This way, your dog or cat can learn to respond to the clicking sound while traveling around the house. You can even set a different system tray for each room to allow your pet to click without disturbing the others.

Finally, it is best to consider buying a device that includes hotkeys. This is ideal for controlling many online games. If your pet loves playing the game, then he'll be delighted when the hotkey is triggered. He will immediately stop whatever he is doing and look for the corresponding hotkey. 


So instead of having to click numerous times, your pet will learn to respond to the hotkey immediately. Auto clickers are very useful tools that allow you to train your pet in managing various tasks.