Via Arcadia (Sala Terrena + Scenic train tour + Rotunda)

Embark on a journey through the ancient myths. Witness the mystery of metamorphoses in the Sala Terrena at the chateau and ride the train to the romantic corners of the Chateau Garden. The lines drawn in the fine sand by the Foucault’s pendulum at the Flower Garden Rotunda will remain imprinted in your mind as the images of the movements of our planet.

The entryway from the palace to the Chateau Garden – Sala Terrena – is decorated with sculptures, stucco and fresco ornaments depicting dramatic situations from the Ovid’s Metamorphoses. There are two quirky artificial caves that demonstrate ore mining or Apollo fighting with dragon. The guided tour through the Chateau Garden continues during a ride on the scenic train. The train runs daily, in fair weather, from the starting point below the chateau stairs next to the Sala Terrena.

The train will take you to the most attractive parts of this lovely garden that is listed as UNESCO heritage. You will learn a lot of information about the history of the Chateau Garden, its buildings, trees and flowers during the ride. Why mature trees were planted in some places, what was exhibited at the colonnade, or why are there so many domestic and exotic animals. The train runs on two different routes – one basic one and one especially for children.

Use this ticket to visit also the Flower Garden with its Rotunda, one of the landmarks of the town. The sculptural and painting decoration in this enchanting building draws inspiration from the ancient mythology. You can find Foucault’s pendulum inside the Rotunda – a device that visualizes the movements of the Earth.

Visit to Sala Terrena takes 30 minutes, ride on the train 30 minutes, visit to Rotunda 20 minutes, unlimited visit to the Flower Garden.

Basic admission:

- adults


Family admission

- 2 adults and maximum 3 children up to 15 years


Free admission:

- children under 6

- holders of ZTP disabled badge under 18

- holders of ZTP/P badge and companions to ZTP/P badge holders

- holders of the following cards: ICOM, ICOMOS, NPU employee passes (1 + 3 family members maximum) and NPU free tickets

- journalists after previous accreditation

Basic information

  • duration 150 minutes
  • max. 25 people

Opening hours

Period Days Hours
1. 11.–30. 4. closed
1. 5.–13. 5. Tue–Sun 9.00–16.30
14. 5.–18. 5. closed
19. 5.–30. 9. Tue–Sun 9.00–16.30
9. 8.–11. 8. closed
1. 10.–31. 10. Sat–Sun 9.00–15.30
28. 10. Mon 9.00–15.30
1. 11.–30. 4. closed


Route without a guide

  • Basic 280 Kč
  • Family 760 Kč

reservation not necessary