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Representative Halls

The Representative Halls tour covers the principality interiors on the first floor, including the Throne Hall, Tsar’s Room, the grand Assembly Hall and furnished interiors of the summer apartment.

Dozens of halls with historical furniture, tens of thousands of volumes kept in the library, unique works in the musical  archives – these are some of the most valuable pieces of historic heritage in the Czech Republic.

Basic Information

  • The tour duration is approximately 60 minutes.
  • Max. 40 people in a group.

On the  the chateau you visit several representative halls with original historical furniture and decorations. You will visit the Hunting Hall with dozens of unique hunting trophies and rare medieval weapons, enter the former private rooms of the archbishop, see the Throne Hall, the Rose Room and the Tsarʼs Room, where Emperor Franz Joseph I met Russian Tsar Alexander III in 1885 – and even will get acquainted with original paintings by significant masters of the Renaissance and Baroque art.

Your attention will be drawn to the magnificent and dominant Assembly Hall with its breathtaking decoration, precious chandeliers and beautiful ceiling paintings.

Due to the extraordinary attraction of the halls you are visiting, some successful historical feature films were shot in them; among them the Oscar-winning “Amadeus” directed by Miloš Forman, “Catherine the Great” or most recently the TV series “Maria Theresia”.

The tour is only accessible with a guide, duration approximately 60 minutes.

Guided tours only for at least 6 paying persons. Groups over 15 persons are required to book the tour in advance.