Via Residentia

Representative Halls + Chateau Tower

You can find out all about the exceptional character of the Kroměříž episcopal residence. You will visit the representative halls of the chateau including the Tsar’s Room, the Liege and Assembly Halls and proceed to Chateau Tower.

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Representative Halls

The tour will take you to the most beautiful and attractive halls of the chateau with precious art collections. You will also see items that belong among the most precious and valuable art collections located in the Czech Republic.

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Chateau Gallery open

The paintings collection of the Archbishopric of Olomouc, located mostly in the Chateau Gallery, is the second most valuable collection of paintings in the Czech Republic, after the National Gallery in Prague. Its collection of 15th–18th century Central European painting contains 85 original paintings (Titian, Van Dyck, Lucas Cranach the Elder).

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Sala Terrena

Sala terrena – a hall with an access to the gardens. The open, representatively decorated space with imitations of caves (grottoes) is characteristic for more important Baroque and Rococo castles. The chateau sala terrena stands out with its paintings and sculptures depicting scenes from ancient mythology, including two smaller, artificial caves.

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The Chateau Tower

The chateau tower offers a breathtaking view of the historical centre of Kroměříž from the 84 metres high landmark. The tower stands above the oldest parts of the chateau complex and hosts various seasonal exhibitions. It is accessible individually during the opening hours, without guide. There are 206 stairs and the visit takes about 30 minutes. Recommended for physically fit visitors.

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Chateau Garden

The Chateau Garden was established after 1509 and over the centuries it was modified several times, reflecting the changing historical styles and fashions. Following the model of the English landscape garden, it was enlarged to the impressive size of 64 hectares in 1850.

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