Flower garden

The Flower garden in Kroměříž, also known as "Libosad", belongs to the most important garden artworks in the whole world. Today it is practically the only representative of a garden composed in this style in the whole Europe.

The Flower Garden of Kroměříž, known also as the Pleasure Garden or Lustgarten, is an exceptional historic garden unequalled in broader European and global context.

The garden represents a transition between late renaissance Italian gardens and classical baroque gardens of the French type, such as the one in Versailles. The Flower Garden of Kroměříž nowadays belongs to the most important examples of garden art in the world.

The Flower Garden is a rectangular axial concept established in 1665 with the dimensions of 300 x 485 metres, featuring impressive geometrical clipped hedges and floral ornaments. The sophisticated visual layout based on symmetry and perspective leads the visitor through the garden as through a mythical labyrinth, revealing original architecture, sculptures, mazes, water elements and garden art.

The garden is accessible without booking; guided tours are available.