Chateau garden

The Chateau garden was founded in the year 1509 and in the next centuries it was expanded to an impressive size of 64 hectares. Since the beginning, the looks of the garden were changing. From vegetable-growing and fruit-growing garden, it was in the 17th century rebuilt to baroque garden. In the 19th century, it has changed to themed landscape park. And today over 200 rare trees from different parts of Europe, America and Asia are planted there.

The Chateau Garden was established after 1509 and over the centuries it was modified several times, reflecting the changing historical styles and fashions. Following the model of the English landscape garden it was enlarged to the impressive size of 64 hectares in 1850.

The Chateau Garden is a romanticist park created for strolls, perceiving the beauty and harmony of nature, restoration of spirit and relaxation. Its sceneries surprise by the sophisticated network of canals and ponds, numerous follies and romantic compositions, the little zoo, and the quantity of freely moving animals.

The entry to the garden is free, visitors may book a special tour with a guide. The main entrance to the garden is through the staircase next to the chateau and there are two side entrances from Vejvanovského and Na Kopečku streets.

Important notice to the visitors: The garden may be closed due to heavy rains or very windy weather.