Chateau tower

The rectangular tower that is the landmark of the chateau and the entire town of Kroměříž, represents the most important remnant of the former episcopal castle. The tower, covering three over-ground levels and measuring 13 by 13 metres of width and length and 34 metres of height had been built shortly after 1500 by the Bishop of Olomouc and a leading humanist Stanislaus Thurzo.

The ground floor of the tower, set diagonally into the corner of the former castle, served as the entrance gate from the town to the castle courtyard. The current remnants of this old tower nowadays include a pointed vault of the gate with sophisticatedly ornate frame and rectangular opening of the drawbridge that descended down over the ditch separating the castle from the town.

The construction of the tower took place at the turn of the late gothic and early renaissance periods, which reflects in the architectural and painting decoration of its front. The traditional pointed arch of the gate meets renaissance details, such as the inscription rendered in a characteristic renaissance lettering, so-called humanistic capital, renaissance cherubs and illusive paintings developing the architectural features – the portal of a gate that did not fulfil the role of a defence structure, but with its exceptional size and ornamental decoration it represented its builder, the most important Moravian ecclesiastical feudal of his time – the Bishop of Olomouc Stanislaus Thurzo.