Archbishop chateau

Archbishop chateau is a dominant feature of one of the most attractive towns in Moravia and the main magnet for visitors of the historical complex. Within the boundaries of this complex, the castle was written on the list of the world cultural and natural heritage UNESCO.

Representative Halls

The representative halls tour covers the principality interiors on the first floor, including the Throne Hall, Tsar’s Room, the grand Assembly Hall and furnished interiors of the summer residence. On the second floor you will visit the Liege Hall with its unique painted walls, historical library of the bishops and archbishops of Olomouc, and cabinets presenting the most significant collections – musical cabinet with the manuscripts of Mozart, Beethoven or Vejvanovský, as well as an exceptional collection of original coins and medals at the numismatic cabinet.

Tens of halls with historical furniture, tens of thousands of volumes kept at the chateau library, unique works at the musical and numismatic archives – these are some of the most valuable pieces of historic heritage in the Czech Republic.

The tour is only available with a guide, duration approximately 90 minutes.

Chateau Gallery

The gallery of the Kroměříž chateau is the second major gallery in the Czech Republic, its collection of 15th – 18th century Central European painting contains 85 original paintings (Titian, Van Dyck, Lucas Cranach the Elder). The gallery can be visited separately or with a guide upon special request. Duration of tour: approximately 60 mins.

The painting collection of the Archbishopric of Olomouc is the second most valuable in the Czech Republic after the National Gallery in Prague. The collection was established by Bishop of Olomouc Karl II von Liecthenstein-Castelcorno and it contains works ranging from gothic to late baroque periods. Its larger part is kept in Kroměříž – more than five hundred paintings are exhibited in historical halls and in a specifically designated historical gallery. The second part is exhibited at the Archdiocesan Museum in Olomouc. The collection is characterised by an exceptional artistic value and belongs to the most remarkable art collections in Europe.

Sala Terrena

Sala terrena is situated below the eastern wing of the chateau as an exceptional space connecting the residence with the Chateau Garden. It has retained its original appearance from the end of the 17th century.

The Sala Terrena consists of five halls designed according to the plans of G. P. Tencalla. The lavishly decorated interiors of the halls and artificial caves – grottoes – tell an enchanting story of the Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

The Sala Terrena accessible with a guide, tour takes approximately 30 minutes. The visitors may combine their visit with a tasting of wine from the Archbishop’s wine cellars of Kroměříž.

Chateau Tower

The chateau tower offers a breathtaking view at the historical centre of Kroměříž from the 84 metres high landmark. The tower stands above the oldest parts of the chateau complex, and hosts various seasonal exhibitions. The tower is accessible any time during the opening hours, without guide. There are 206 stairs and the visit takes about 30 minutes.

Climb up the chateau tower to take a look at the town centre with the square, the Chateau Garden, and the surrounding flat landscape of the Haná region. On a clear day you can see the nearest ridges of Hostýnské vrchy, Chřiby, Javorníky, or the 100-km distant peaks of Jeseníky.