Restrictions in the representative halls of the chateau


We visited the chateau on 21 May 2016 and we wanted to see the representative halls. The guide told us that we were the last to see the Assembly Hall on that day. However, the hall’s beauty was completely devastated by the fashion catwalk, dozens of chairs, and lighting that were installed inside. On top of everything, we were not allowed to go to the second floor.

Yes, we paid a discounted fee, but we did not visit the town to get a discount but to enjoy the tour of the wonderful chateau...


The chateau is not solely a visitor attraction. Due to the high visitor numbers we get, the income from the cultural events never exceeds the income from the guided tours. When organising cultural events, we carefully consider their character to determine the price of the rental, and in case of non-commercial events our prices must cover our cost, but at the same time they must allow for the organisation of the event as well. Besides the fashion show (which has been taking place once a year, for 12 years), there are several dozens of concerts, various celebrations and award giving ceremonies, student ceremonies, international summits, congresses, etc. This is what the Assembly Hall has been used for over 300 years. If we refused to guide visitors through the halls that are just being prepared for an event, we would have to close them completely (this would equal to approximately 50 days in a year!) or increase the rental prices due to the necessity of flash installation and dismantling (work at night), we would get more money from the visitor fees, but we would disable the local cultural community, schools, the municipality, and local citizens, from using the halls – they simply couldn’t pay more than they already do.

This is why we decided for a compromise. There are so many wonderful things to see in Kroměříž that we believe our visitors would forgive us the restrictions on one of the seven guided circuits, albeit the best known and most attractive one.