KUDLICH – the Liberator of Peasants

  • Arcibiskupský zámek, Sněmovní náměstí 1, 767 01 Kroměříž ()
  • 2. 6. 2018–26. 9. 2018
  • 14.00–17.30
  • Please check the opening hours by the organizer


The Archbishop’s Chateau and the Chateau Garden in Kroměříž will undergo major restoration

6. 3. 2018

The reconstruction of the roof of the chateau, restoration of the water management system in the Chateau garden, or the opening of the Mill Gate – these are just some...

The exhibition ended with camellias, blooming camellias but in Flower Garden in Kromeriz can admire continue

26. 6. 2017

Exhibition Camellia flowers prom queen while on Sunday ended a magnificent camellia plants in greenhouses, but you can admire the Flower Garden continues...

The Flower Garden in Kromeriz winner DestinaCZe 2016: Escape from Boredom - an experience for the whole family

7. 10. 2016 (updated 1. 3. 2017)

The Flower Garden in Kromeriz, UNESCO became the winner in the category DestinaCZe 2016 Escape from Boredom - an experience for the whole family. To commemorate this...

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témata roku 2018

Každý rok si připomínáme důležitá výročí historických událostí i osobností nebo upozorňujeme na témata, která považujeme za podstatná. Letos jsme pro vás připravili: